Being a banker has given me immense pleasure in serving the masses more than the classes, some of them for the first time walked through the doors of a commercial bank . This has provided me opportunities to witness the dearth of financial awareness that largely prevails amongst the general public at large , be it rural or urban , and no matter how hard the present dispensation tries the gulf is enormous. This however not to mention that the Government through it’s MoF & all the scheduled commercial banks together with every stakeholder are not playing their parts in bridging this gap through an all out educational enterprise by going to places deep inside the public. Through this website , we wish to be a part of this nation building story which is on the cusp of a major reform in terms of delivery of financial services and awareness . IT SHALL BE OUR ENDEAVOUR TO EDUCATE EACH OF OUR FOLLOWERS ON A RANGE OF TOPICS FROM WAYS AND MEANS TO GET LOANS FROM THE BANKS , VARIOUS PRODUCTS AND SERVICES THAT THE BANKS OFFER, TO THE DIFFERENT FINANCIAL PRODUCTS OF SAVINGS BEING PROVIDED TO THE PUBLIC THROUGH THESE INSTITUITIONS .WE SHALL ALSO PROVIDE BASIC KNOWLEDGE OF BANKING SYSTEM THROUGH OUR BLOGS WHICH MIGHT HELP OUR FOLLOWERS TO KEEP ABREAST WITH THE INDUSTRY .