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About Us

BankGuru is a learning & practice platform for premier entrance exams

Screenshot_6Who we are?

Bank Jobs are back with a bang in India. With over 40,000+ jobs available in 2016, one stop portal is to prepare for all such job openings. This is the only portal in India which provides comprehensive training in cracking all such bank exams. It also helps you to prepare and clear such exams easily and more efficiently in just 50 Hrs

Screenshot_4What We Do?

BankGuru's adaptive platform provides complete practice for an exam- Mock Tests, Sectional Tests, Adaptive Tests, Group Study Games along with Conceptual Videos & Lessons - all on one intelligent platform that continuously provides targeted recommendations on weak areas.

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Thousands of questions created by toppers and renowned faculty across the country. Intelligent platform that continuously provides remedial material on weak areas to improve faster thereby reducing study cycles.

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